Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Coaching Youth Baseball - 25 Common Baseball Terms and the Meaning of Each

By Nick Dixon

Coaching Little League or Youth Baseball requires a good knowledge of the game. Many good youth baseball coaches have never played the game before. They make it their mission to study and learn the game. This article presents a list of 25 common baseball coaching terms and gives the meaning of each.

There are certain terms and words that every youth baseball coach should know the meaning of. Here are a list of 25 and the meaning of each.

1. Ace -- Best pitcher on the team.
2. Alley -- The two areas of the outfield between the three separate fields; right, center and left fields. Also referred as a "gap."
3. Bang-bang play -- A play in which the base runner reaches about the same times as the ball.
4. Batter in the hole -- The batter after the on-deck hitter.
5. Batter on-deck hitter.-- The next batter in the inning.
6. Can of corn -- An easy fly ball catch made by an out fielder.
7. Caught looking -- When a batter is called out on a third called strike.
8. Cycle -- When a batter hits a single, double, triple and home run in the same game.
9. Dish -- Home plate.
10. Fungo - To hit balls to a defensive player during practice or during the game warmup.
11. Fungo bat - A bat used by the coach to hit balls to defensive players during practice or pregame warm-up.
12. Gap - The two areas of the outfield between the three separate fields; right, center and left fields. Also referred as an "alley."
13. Gapper - A ball hit into one of the two gaps or alleys.
14. Heat -- A good fastball. Also "heater."
15. Hot corner -- Third base.
16. Painting the black -- When a pitch is thrown on the edge of the plate.
17. Pepper -- A game or batting practice exercise where one player bunts brisk grounders and line drives to fielders who are standing in a row about 15 to 20 feet away.
Punch out - The plate umpire uses this motion to call a batter out on a strikeout.
18. RBI - Run Batted In.
19. Ribbie -- Another way of saying RBI.
20. Rubber game -- The deciding game of a 3, 5 or 7 game series.
21. Run-down -- When a base runner gets caught between bases by the fielders.
22. Seeing-eye single -- A weakly hit soft ground ball that finds its way between infielders for a base hit.
23. Southpaw -- A left-handed pitcher.
24. Texas Leaguer -- A weakly hit fly ball that drops between an infielder and outfielder.
25. Utility player -- A player who fills in at many positions.

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