Monday, March 28, 2011

How to Coach T-Ball

How to Coach T-Ball
By guest author: Jack Perconte

I realize that kids who play T-ball are very young, so T-ball coaches do not have to be experts in the game of baseball. However, when you realize that most kids will be making decisions on which sports they like and will want to continue playing, there is a big responsibility on T-ball coaches. Unfortunately, many good athletes are lost to other sports because of inadequate T-ball coaching.

It is important to realize that T-ball coaches are often at a disadvantage because baseball is a slower moving sport than many of the other sports. By its nature, baseball involves more standing around and inactivity than other sports, with soccer being a prime example of a higher activity sport. Therefore, the first thing that T-ball coaches should understand is that kids at these ages have a ton of energy and that they love to run around and expend that energy. With this in mind, it is important that T-ball coaches learn ways of making practice energy-packed so kids do not experience the boredom that is often associated with baseball. Using practice time wisely is a necessity when dealing with such young players.

Secondly, T-ball coaches have the responsibility to know the basics of baseball. Learning a few basics of how players catch, field, throw and hit is a must for the T-ball coach. Not only is the knowledge of these basics important, but also learning ways of teaching these basics is equally important. This is where T-ball leagues have the responsibility of providing coaches with pre-season coaching training, coaching resources and with on-going training in the fundamentals of baseball. Additional training for how to work with kids of these ages (and their parents) should also be provided..

With this as a backdrop, following are tips for how to coach T-ball:

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